Conferência Exposição à Canábis na adolescência e Saúde

08 Setembro 2023

O objetivo da ICC-Iniciativa Cidadã Canábis é de contribuir para a reflexão, o debate informado e rigoroso de sobre os cenários de uma legalização responsável da canábis para uso de adultos.

Self-proposal for vaccination against Mpox

25 Agosto 2023
Any user can now self-propose for the vaccination against Mpox.
Join the waiting list at the nearest vaccination point.

Closure of hospital pharmacies in Lisbon target of protest

24 Março 2023

The CAD Center Anti-Discrimination HIV said today in a statement that it disagrees with the closure of hospital pharmacies at the hospital of São José and Santo António dos Capuchos.

GAT forced to stop distributing material for smoking crack cocaine

17 Março 2023

Since 2012, with the opening of the GAT IN Mouraria service, GAT Group of Activists in Treatments has continuously invested in pipes, material for smoking crack cocaine. “The distribution of safer consumables is recognized as an effective strategy to reach marginalized populations and to promote their connection and adherence to services, as well as to prevent bacterial infections and hepatitis C”, says Luís Mendão, founder of the non profit organization.

Results of the stigma index of people with HIV are now public

15 Março 2023

The development of this study made it possible to measure the stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV in different contexts

Questionnaire - Immigrants living with HIV in Portugal

14 Março 2023

This study is promoted by CAD (HIV Anti-Discrimination Center) and comes as part of a master's thesis that is being developed at ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon. It aims to know the determinants of access to health of immigrants with HIV in Portugal.

Cachupa, batuques (drums) and screenings, all free, on Saturday, in Almada

10 Março 2023

Presentation of the Stigma Index of People Living with HIV

16 Fevereiro 2023

Presentation of the results of the Stigma Index study on the 1st of March, the day of Zero Discrimination. The event will take place in the afternoon, in Lisbon (time and place to be defined shortly).

What do condoms and fado have in common?

09 Fevereiro 2023

The International Condom Day with the performance of Fado Bicha, in a simultaneous GAT and AHF initiative in 45 countries.
On Monday, February 13th, throughout the day, at Largo do Intendente, Lisbon, the GAT Group of Activists in Treatments will mark International Condom Day with animation, distribution of condoms and quick and anonymous screenings for HIV, syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. All free. The activities start in the morning and only end in the late afternoon.

Historical election for AIDS Action Europe

08 Fevereiro 2023

In what was the first direct election in the organization, Mariana Vicente (General Director of Services and Projects of the GAT) was elected to the Steering Committee of AIDS Action Europe

PrEPafrik - prevents HIV infection

07 Fevereiro 2023

The European criminalization of sex work must be stopped!

12 Janeiro 2023

GAT supports a public position against an initiative of the European Commission that tries to impose at the level of the European Parliament, and for the whole of Europe, the Swedish model (or "Nordic model") of criminalization of clients of Sex Work.

We made it to the United Nations! GAT receives consultative status in ECOSOC.

11 Janeiro 2023

The granting of consultative status to the GAT at the United Nations ECOSOC was approved at a plenary meeting held on January 7, 2022.

GAT subscribes the Glasgow Manifesto - International Coalition of Older People with HIV (iCOPe HIV)

05 Janeiro 2023

Equitable health outcomes for ageing and older people living with HIV will only be possible if we work in collaboration. Those of us with lived experience and living expertise must be at the centre of any decision or action taken in response to our self-identified needs. We call on healthcare providers, researchers, community-based HIV organizations, frontline providers of ageing-related services, and policy- and decision-makers to work in partnership with us to fund and implement the following calls to action.

HIV: Did you know that who is Undetectable = Untransmittable?

30 Novembro 2022

This revolutionary equation, based on a ton of scientific data (see below), says that when HIV is treated effectively, there is no transmission of HIV.

U=U means "Undetectable = Untransmittable".

(Click on the image to open the article)

10 people with HIV show their faces in an unprecedented campaign

30 Novembro 2022

Social prejudices have not kept up with the extraordinary evolution of medicine, meaning that currently those living with HIV have to hide their health condition in order not to be the target of the crime of private life exposure, penalized in access to life and health insurance and excluded from a professional career, such as the military career. (Click in the image to open the article)

World AIDS Day is a holiday in Portugal but GAT doesn't stop!

28 Novembro 2022

December 1st marks the World AIDS Day. The epidemic is not over yet and neither are we! Despite being a holiday, we will have several services in operation. (Click in the image to know more)

28 Novembro 2022

A few minutes ago, the "Greater Lisbon and Oeste Supramunicipalities Platforms" awarded GAT Checkpoint LX, GAT IN Mouraria and GAT Intendente, respectively, the "Seal of Good Practice of Social Intervention"!

Mozambique will host the launch of International Testing Week

16 Novembro 2022

For the 2022 edition of the International Testing Week, Maputo, capital of Mozambique, has been chosen to host the launching event. Member of Coalition PLUS’ Lusophone Network, MATRAM, whose acronym translates to Movement of Activists for Treatment in Mozambique, will be the host organization. This event is co-organized by GAT, coordinator of the Lusophone Network, based in Portugal.

Intensive HIV and Viral Hepatitis Testing Week, November 21-28

16 Novembro 2022

European Testing Week - Nov 2022

From Helsinki to Lisbon and, in Portugal, from North to South and islands, a week in which civil society organizations come together to carry out an intensive HIV and Viral Hepatitis testing campaign.

13 Setembro 2022

Portugal will host the 4th World Hepatitis Summit in 2024

10 Agosto 2022

The World Hepatitis Alliance has announced that the 4th World Hepatitis Summit, co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), will be organized by the GAT – Grupo de Activistas em Tratamentos, in Lisbon.


Monkeypox: signs, symptoms and what to do

17 Junho 2022

What is Monkeypox Virus Infection?

What are the symptoms of Monkeypox virus human infection?

How is the Monkeypox virus transmitted between people?

What should I do if I think I may have Monkeypox virus infection?

Is human infection by Monkeypox virus a sexually transmitted infection?

MdM and GAT maintain Mobile Surveillance Consumption Program: Statement

06 Maio 2022

Médicos do Mundo (MdM) and GAT will maintain the Mobile Surveillance Consumption Program, whose interruption was scheduled for today, May 6th - as a result of the lack of decision on the financing of this response - after the Lisbon City Council decided to cover this funding until June 8th, 2022.

GAT and Médicos do Mundo were forced to interrupt the Mobile Surveillance Consumption Program in Lisbon.

02 Maio 2022

GAT and Médicos do Mundo decided to interrupt the Mobile Surveillance Consumption Program in Lisbon, as of 6 May, following the lack of decision on the financing of this response.

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