GAT distinguished for its services aimed at sex workers

13 Novembro 2023

People who do sex work and vulnerable users chose the entities that best respond to their social and sexual health needs, with the aim of giving a voice to sex workers and clients. GAT was awarded 1st place in the initiative, resulting in a donation of €10,000.

The AproXima-te Award is an initiative of Plano Aproxima, a project aimed at sex workers. Since 2021, the entities that best respond to the needs of people who perform sex work have been rewarded monetarily, in order to value and boost the continuity of the intervention carried out by the entities.

For the first time, the election of the winning entities took place through a vote, with the aim of giving a voice to people who do sex work, as well as users who use the services of the nominated entities. In addition to GAT, Associação Abraço and Médicos do Mundo were also awarded.

Until September 2023, GAT carried out more than 1,300 screenings of people who do sex work, in the community services of GAT Intendente and GAT In Mouraria and with the contribution of GAT teams that travel to apartments, guesthouses and on the streets.

GAT welcomes the vote of confidence and the appreciation of the work carried out, both through the free, anonymous and confidential services provided, as well as through political and advocacy lobbying for the recognition and legalization of sex work.