The first study on hepatitis stigma has been launched as we count down to the World Hepatitis Summit in Lisbon

27 Março 2024

The World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) is being held in Lisbon from April 9 to 11. Its goal is to map out the elimination of hepatitis. The initiative has the institutional support of the Ministry of Health and will present the first results of the study on hepatitis stigma and discrimination.

The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is organizing the World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) for the fourth time. The WHS brings together health ministries and professionals, civil society organizations, policymakers, academics, and people who live or have lived with hepatitis. The goal is to advocate for a people-centered approach to hepatitis elimination. This year's summit marks the return of the biannual event to a face-to-face format.

The initiative hosts several panels at Culturgest, which is the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Foundation. The panels aim to increase knowledge of hepatitis and provide networking opportunities with experts from over 100 countries. The event's three-day program includes lectures, symposia, workshops, and a scientific poster exhibition.

GAT is organizing a side meeting on April 3 at 8 a.m. to discuss the challenges of achieving the World Health Organization's goals for viral hepatitis in Lusophony. The meeting will feature Ricardo Batista Leite from UNITE for Global Health, Marcelo Naveira from WHO Europe, and Rui Tato Marinho, Director of the Portuguese Viral Hepatitis Program.

The first European survey on hepatitis stigma and discrimination has already been launched in Portugal. The initiative, organized by the WHA, aims to provide society with tools to learn about hepatitis stigma and discrimination, similar to tuberculosis and HIV.

The preliminary results of the research will be released during the World Hepatitis Summit. The survey is open to individuals who have lived with or currently live with hepatitis B and C. It is anonymous, confidential, and available online until April. To promote the survey, civil society organizations can use the survey toolkit.

The 4th edition of the World Hepatitis Summit in Portugal provides an opportunity for community members and professionals to participate in the discussion and development of strategies to eliminate viral hepatitis. Organizations, private entities, and individuals can enter by registering beforehand at the provided link.