STOP (Services to Tackle the Outbreak in Portugal) human monkeypox virus infection (MPOX)

Objective: STOP human monkeypox virus infection is a project to provide MPOX information, prevention, and control interventions to the community and link them to the National Health Service as necessary. Targets MSM and PLHIV using existing GAT's community-based sexual health and harm reduction centers’ services. It focuses on digital services for MPOX-related prevention information and a helpline for the triage of MPOX cases (either for testing, PEP, or vaccination).

STOP project aims to:

  1. Support the information actions targeting MSM and PLHIV on MPOX prevention
  2. Support the information actions on STOP program services
  3. Support the STOP MPOX helpline
  4. Support the MPOX medical/nurses’ cases assessment

Promoter: GAT

Implementation site: GAT CheckpointLX

Timeline: September 2022 – August 2023 (12 months)

Funding: Gilead Monkeypox Global Emergency Fund