Migrant Passport - Access to healthcare in Portugal


A long life with HIV

Лікування ВІЛ, ГЕПАТИТУ і ТУБЕРКУЛЬОЗУ є конфіденційним та безкоштовним у Португалії

Guide for Migrant Participation in Health Policies and Entities

PrEP - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

PEP - Post-exposure prophylaxis

PrEP - African Community

Buying PrEP online: use and surveillance


HIV - Acute Infection

Testing for HIV infection and risks of sexual transmission

Introduction to Combination Therapy for HIV

What is HIV?

Antiretrovirals (ARV)

Recognize the signs of opioid overdose?

What is syphilis?

HIV and quality of life: guide to side effects and other complications

What is hepatitis B?

HIV, pregnancy and women's health

What is hepatitis C?

HIV and Tuberculosis

New treatments for hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Guide for People Living with HIV

New treatments for hepatitis C

HIV and Viral Hepatitis

Clinical Trials: Community Guide to HIV Research

Opioid overdose

HAV- Hepatitis A virus



LGV - Lymphogranuloma venereum


Hepatitis C, the silent virus

HPV - Human Papilloma Virus


Pubic pediculosis (flats) or scabies (scabies)


Crack (cocaine base)


2nd Conference on HIV Infection in Difficult Access Groups

Guia para emissão de receitas comparticipadas

Sex work is work

Recommendations for HIV treatments

Hospital Navigation Map - Hospital Egas Moniz

Hospital Navigation Map - Hospital Garcia de Orta

Hospital Navigation Map - Pulido Valente Hospital

Sustainability and universal access to state-of-the-art treatments

Hospital Navigation Map - Curry Cabral Hospital

Hospital Navigation Map - Hospital de Santa Maria

HIV and Viral Hepatitis discrimination

SARS-COV-2 virus infection

TB - Tuberculose

What to know about TB

The Basics - How TB is Transmitted

TB and HIV - Coinfection

The Basics - TB and HIV

The Basics - Treating TB and HIV Co-Infection

The Basics - Testing

The Basics - It's Better to Know

HIV Portugal Conference

The basics - Facts about transmision

The basics - Transmission and viral load

The Basics - Undetectable viral load

The Basics - HIV and the Immune System


The Basics - Regular Medical Exams

The basics - CD4 and viral load

The Basics - Healthy Weight

Viena Declaration

The Basics - Having a Baby

The Basics - Treating HIV Infection

The basics - When to start treatment

The basics - How treatment works

If I was HIV positive

The Basics - Side Effects

The Basics - Drug Resistance

The Basics - Therapeutic Adherence

HIV Portugal 2009

Chart of Antiretroviral Medicines

What to do if you find a syringe on the street?

Safer injected consumption

Consumption in the groin (femoral vein)

National plan for HIV/AIDS infection 2010-2014

World Aids Day - 2009

HIV Transmission Conference

Civil society demands a strong position by the National plan for HIV/AIDS infection

International AIDS Conference - 2009

Elections and HIV/AIDS

World AIDS Vaccine Day

Epidemiological surveillance, collection and protection of individual information

HIV: a global epidemic

Between truth and fear, we chose to discriminate!

AIDS 2008

One more statement. One more forum. One more network.

Cannabis and HIV/AIDS

Vaccines - where we are in 2005

Numbers, numbers, and for what?

Tuberculosis in Africa

Patents, what do I want you for

The universal right to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment for migrants and minorities in Portugal

AIDS. Justice is blind to injustice

National Program for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS Infection 2007-2010 in a window period

The political situation of HIV/AIDS in Portugal

Review Panel