GAT IN Mouraria

GAT IN Mouraria was formally opened on April 1st, 2013, and is one of the GAT screening centers.

GAT IN Mouraria is a community-based center for integrated responses aimed at people who use drugs (PUD) for rapid, anonymous, confidential, and free HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and syphilis testing to reduce the risks and harm associated with drug use and offers the following services:
1) Availability of condoms (external and internal) and water-based lubricating gel;
2) Peer counseling;
3) Rapid, anonymous, confidential, and free peer-to-peer screening for HIV infection, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and syphilis;
4) Health care: nursing, medical appointments, treatments, medication support, referral;
5) The intervention performed by Peers: information, support, production of informative material, monitoring of social and health services;
6) Social support: information and referrals related to health, treatments, administrative documentation, social benefits, legal issues, employment/training, housing, and access to other services;
7) Drop-In: food supplement, telephone and internet access, distribution of hygiene and clothing products;
8) Distribution of smoked and injected consumption materials.

Although the center is aimed at this group, it is open to the general population (to the extent of its capacity to respond).

In addition to providing services, GAT IN Mouraria's mission is advocacy and knowledge production, being firmly committed to defending the rights and participation of people who use drugs, particularly those living or vulnerable to HIV infection and hepatitis C.

Center registered with the Health Regulatory Authority (E126027).


Coordination: João Santa Maria e Maria Luísa Salazar
Community Health Work: Jacinto Gonçalves, Patrícia Pestana e Rosário Costa
Medical Services: Amelia Trombetta, João Vian e Tiago Pinto
Nursing Services: Índia Saraiva, Joana Pires, Margarida Alves e Salomé Costa
Social Work: Teresa Castro e Alexandra Mercês
Psychology Services: Jacopo Ellero


Calçada de Santo André, 79, 81-83, 1100-496, Lisboa
+351 912 870 382



Working days from 2pm às 8pm.
(Screening admission ends 60m before closing time)



Administração Regional de Saúde - Lisboa e Vale do Tejo
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
ViiV healthcare


Selo de Boas Práticas de Intervenção Social