Anti-Discrimination Center

The Anti-Discrimination center is a confidential and free service that aims to reduce discrimination and stigma toward people living with HIV.


GAT Afrik

GAT Afrik is a confidential and free service and confidential integrated response for HIV infection and other STIs aimed at the migrant population of African origin.


GAT Almada

GAT Almada is a community-based center for rapid, anonymous, confidential, and free testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

GAT Checkpoint LX

GAT Checkpoint LX is a free, confidential screening service for HIV and other STIs among men who have sex with men.

GAT Housing First

It aims to provide integrated housing in the Community to people without accommodation.

GAT IN Mouraria

A confidential and free service to promote the right to health services of people who use drugs focused on reducing the risks and harm associated, with a particular focus on HIV and hepatitis C infections.

GAT Intendente

GAT Intendente is a confidential and free testing service for HIV and other STIs among people involved in commercial sex (sex workers and clients), trans people, people in migration situations, and people who sleep on the streets.

GAT Move-se

GAT Move-se is a confidential and free mobile units testing service among migrants, people who use drugs, men who have sex with men, and sex workers in the Setúbal Peninsula.

GAT Peer to Peer

Confidential and free service of management and peer support in access, adherence, and retention in health care for people living with HIV and/or viral hepatitis. 

GAT Setúbal

GAT Setúbal is a community-based sexual health and harm reduction center that promotes an anonymous, accessible, confidential service.

Love Condoms

Love Condoms is a free distribution service for external and internal condoms and lubricant gel.