Who are we?

GAT – Portuguese Activist Group on Treatments, founded in 2001, is a structure of individual membership and cooperation between people from different communities and organizations affected by HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, and tuberculosis. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization registered as IPSS with nº 11/04 in book n 2º of institutions with Health purposes and headquartered in Lisbon.

It advocates for legal and policy changes that positively affect the health, rights, and quality of life of people living with HIV or at risk of becoming infected.

GAT intends to contribute to the objectives of UNAIDS, as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, mainly the third, providing answers that allow influencing the goals that are within its reach through a strategic intervention in key areas of public health policies with the involvement of the communities most affected and vulnerable to these infections in the provision of care and the definition of best practices and policies, in full respect of human rights, good practices, and international policies.

GAT's activities are based on the following areas of intervention:

- Prevention;

- Early diagnosis and access to health services

- Treatment;

- Discrimination and Stigma;

- Knowledge Production.


Social Entities

Board of Directors

President – João Brito

Vice-President – Marta Maria

Treasurer- Ricardo Faria

Secretary- Gonçalo Guerreiro

General Assembly

President – Armando Guimarães

1º Secretary- Alexandra Queiroz

2º Secretary – António Parente


Fiscal Council

President – Filipa Aragão

Secretary – Nuno Fernandes

Reporter- Orlando Loureiro